BRB, Buying: Prada Spring 2019

Photography by Tom Newton / Styling by Chelsea Volpe

In BRB, Buying, PAPER takes a look at this season's top collections to show you how to wear and, most importantly, where to buy them. Below, Fashion Director Mia Solkin reimagines Prada spring 2019, which is available now on

Fashion Director: Mia Solkin
Photography: Tom Newton
Digi Tech: Xavier Scott Marshall
Makeup: Caitlin Wooters (using MAKE UP FOR EVER at Art Department)
Hair: Clara Leonard
Hair Assistant: Aziza Rasulova
Stylist: Chelsea Volpe
Stylist Assistant: Jarrod William
Nails: Sunny Han
Studio: Monaliza Studios
Models: Sarah Marie, Marlee Bell, Brianna Russo

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