For Valentino's Paris Fashion Week show, makeup legend Pat McGrath gave some of the models a futuristic, high-definition cat eye straight out of a sci-fi flick taking place in 2048.

The Italian house's spring 2019 collection was already casually couture affair with no shortage of larger-than-life silhouettes, playful florals, and over-the-top accessories. Thus, McGrath's bedazzled, face-framing eyes only added to the show's overall sense of whimsy. Valentino muse Kaia Gerber was one rising star rocking the sci-fi villain look, a mint-green application, worn with a voluminous, multicolored dress.

For further pop cultural context, Lady Gaga once sported a similarly alien beauty look during her Super Bowl halftime set last year — featuring a full set of rhinestones enhancing her cat eye that she transformed into mid-performance, of course. While the models in McGrath's look walked the Valentino runway in full face, it was, nevertheless, show-stopping.

Photos via Imaxtree

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