Ashley Tisdale Announces First Album in a Decade

The decade-long wait for a new Ashley Tisdale album is almost over. Having basically penned the book on pop-punk with her magnum opus, Guilty Pleasure, Tisdale could have easily gone out on top and retired in 2009. But thankfully for our sake that isn't the case.

She first teased the prospect of new material late last year with the release of self-empowerment anthem, "Voices in My Head," and Tisdale confirmed today that her third studio album, Symptoms, will be released May 3rd. Marking yet another stylistic departure for the artist, Tisdale's latest takes a healthy lean into electro-pop with brightly polished synths and a stripped-back minimalism.

Entirely co-written by Tisdale, Symptoms promises to be her most personal work to date, directly tackling her own relationship with anxiety and depression in a way that feels unflinchingly honest yet hopeful — facing the light at the end of the tunnel.

"From beginning to end it's a complete journey of what I experienced," Tisdale says of the new album. "Every song title is a symptom I struggled with when facing my anxiety and depression. I'm not scared of these feelings like I used to be, I'm proud of it and I have this album to celebrate my growth."

Symptoms will be available for pre-order starting April 12th. In the meantime watch the video for her latest single "Love Me & Let Me Go," below.

Photography: Andres Norwood (Courtesy of Ashley Tisdale)

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